Anti-Aging Best Tips From A Nobel Prize Winning Biologist.

anti-agingThis latest anti-aging advice comes from a Nobel prize-winning molecular biologist and a team of researchers. According to these experts, they have found scientific ways to slow down the human body clock.

The team’s suggestion emphasizes taking care of one’s DNA to retain youth. With proper DNA care, specifically the telomeres, people can prevent wrinkles, gray hair, exhaustion, and illness. Telomeres appear like the plastic bits that cover the end of shoelaces.

According to researchers, the longer they are, the more youthful one’s appearance. Further, the team claims to have scientifically-proven methods that will keep telomeres long and healthy. Their suggestions appear in the new book titled The Telomere Effect.

Science’s Best Anti-Aging Tips

The researchers found the food we eat affects telomeres. Some food could encourage telomeres to grow and flourish, leading to slow aging. However, people should also avoid certain foods.

Refined sugar is one of the worst foods for the DNA. It could speed up aging inside and out. Soft drinks are one of the main sources of “harmful” sugar. The researchers found two cans of soft drinks daily could make telomeres around 4.6 years older than those in non-drinkers.

“Instead of a diet high in sugar, aim to have a diet high in fiber and protein to avoid damaging insulin spikes that can lead to diabetes and all-around damage to our telomeres,” said Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn and Dr Elissa Epel..

Monitor Your Shape, Not Your Weight

Blackburn and Epel said, aside from reducing sugar consumption, people should also devote time for their shape. They found a waistline bigger than the hips could lead to faster aging.

What’s The Right Food To Eat?

The team recommends a diet full of fiber, vitamins, and nutrients can keep you younger inside and out. Their best anti-aging tips include eating whole wheat bread, whole wheat pasta, brown rice, vegetables, and fruit.

Carbs, dairy, and fats also appear friendly to telomeres. People can get these foods by following the Mediterranean diet